The Wastes

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- Written by Reavus Dar

In the time before the Wastes, the leaders of the land said that their great weapons were built as sentinels of peace. So full of confidence, so ruined by ego, our leaders cut a daring path into the future. A path now littered with the corpses of their followers. Their pride overcame them, and they misjudged their enemies - enemies they themselves had forged from their desire for armed supremacy. Those times were filled with dark machines - man was ruled by them. They knew nothing of the hunt, nothing of fighting for water and territory. Man was weak, and fat from his luxury. This weakness was exploited by the land's enemies across the ocean. They defeated our blind princes, and conquered our weak people, but they made a grave error. They were right in believing the people weak, for they were. However, they failed to realize the extent of their selfishness. You see, my friend, the Wastes were not our enemies' doing. They were our own. We could not stand the thought of enemies occupying our territories, so we took the only option left to us. We destroyed them. Every city was burned with the High Fire. Every crop was diseased with the Grey. The very old and the very young were the first to die. The Grey took them as it took our crops. The High Fire ravaged the East and made it uninhabitable; many left that bleak place for a better home in the West, only to find that the Grey had taken nearly everything. Now we scrounge as rats, when once we gorged ourselves as kings. We kill for food, water and gasoline. We kill to survive the Wastes. The weapons that our fallen soldiers once commanded are now within our grip. Life is not as it was then - soft, warm, easy. We cannot live as they did, we have only one goal:

To see the dawn.


The Ronin Nomads scour the Wastes for anything of value. They take what they can, and destroy what they cannot. The nomads' greatest weapon is their will to live. They have endured all that the Wastes has punished them with. They have no hope, no fear, and no remorse. They continue their existence only to survive. They have no home, no family, only each other.


The Raiders claim that the Wastes were caused by the lack of vigilance in the people of this land. Their press-gangs scour the lands for recruits. Operating under Colonel Franco Gustavo, the USMC Raiders see the only hope for a viable future in the Wastes is under his leadership. Lone groups will die, unless they join the Raiders. The USMC is all - all else is chaos.


The Regulators are most alike the Raiders, but also their greatest foes. The Regulators seek to bring order and law to the Wastes, at any cost. But they see the military as a failed regime, lost to the time before the Wastes. Now is a time when communities need to protect themselves against outsiders. The Regulators have taken control of as many resources as they could find, and now they seek to wage a war against the other factions of the Wastes - for the good of their communities.


The Vagrants came from the East, looking for a better place to live, or in some cases, die. They were aimless, and were left defenseless against the Wastes' bandits and endless supply of villains. Their numbers dwindled to near-nothing, until Vincent came. He united the Vagrants, armed them, gave them hope. Now, under his leadership, they continue moving West, searching for the promised land - a land where they will be safe, and they may again live a good life.


The Tribals come from isolated communities throughout the Wastes who fell prey to the Grey and the failure of man. Their only way of survival was the most basic - hunting and farming became their life. Unlike the others, the Tribals sought to cultivate the land as best they could. Among them are the greatest farmers of the Wastes, and for this they are hunted. All want their secrets of harvesting, all want to make it their own. The Tribals see the danger, and have pledged to oppose the interlopers at any cost. They have made their homes in the Wastes after generations of hard work, and they will never surrender themselves to the enemy.

Gameplay Info:

  • Choose from a full range arsenal of pistols (with akimbo options), sub machine guns, shotguns, rifles, explosives, and melee weaponry.
  • Gameplay modes include standard deathmatch, teamplay elimination, teamplay deathmatch, and objective based gameplay (slated for a later release).
  • Choose to play as one of five teams, with several different character variations on each.

Changes from beta 2:

  • Teamplay, with several different methods of play has been added.
  • Completely rebuilt weapon & player models, with new sounds and sprites. Weapons have been balanced.
  • Seven brand new maps, three supporting teamplay, and four supporting standard deathmatch.
  • All new damage settings & inventory system.

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